Perry, Cassandra and Khristian Tate Testimonial

Perry, Cassandra and Khristian Tate Testimonial

    Being the parents of a student football athlete, with no knowledge of the recruitment process, we adhered to the advice of many well meaning people, concerning this process.  It wasn’t until we were introduced to Roy Washington, of “Athletes Get Recruited,” that things began to happen rapidly.

Prior to meeting Mr. Washington, we were grasping at straws! We had done all the things we read about and were told, to do.  We joined a prominent Recruitment Service online, had our son participate in all the sports camps that were suggested to us, hired a speed training coach and made sure that he not only did well athletically but academically as well. He also, visited several colleges, with coaches expressing an interest but no follow ups.  So it was now his Senior year, January 15th, and no college offers had been made. We were very concerned and confused about this, considering our son had very good stats; his name was constantly in the newspapers, on radio and on the T.V. news.  He won a variety of athletic awards and was in Beta Club with a high average for a student athlete. All that said, to show our utter frustration with all of our efforts producing NO RESULTS.

In steps, Roy Washington of “Athletes Get Recruited,” around January 17th.  He listened attentively to our story, met with our son, viewed his skills and desired to help us.  Once hired, Roy & Norman Washington, rapidly went to work on our son’s behalf.  Within a week, they had an official visit arranged, to one of the most prestigious universities in the country, with a D1 football program, with another to follow shortly after that one.

However, it did not take several visits, nor many offers for our son to decide that college was for him.  The school met all of his expectations and offered him a very impressive package.  By Feb. 3rd, National Football Signing Day, our son chose to attend Georgetown University, thanks to the swift, professional efforts of Mr. Roy & Norman Washington of “Athletes Get Recruited.”

Before wasting enormous amounts of money on Online Recruiting Services, various camps and other things, we highly recommend you begin with Roy Washington to guide you through the process and lead you to the results you are desiring.

Thank you Roy and Norman!  We truly appreciate y’all!

Go Hoyas!!!

Perry, Cassandra and Khristian Tate

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