NCAA Tournament 2016: Stock Watch for Bubble Teams at Week 17

NCAA Tournament 2016: Stock Watch for Bubble Teams at Week 17

Alabama is one of several SEC teams both on the bubble and trending in the wrong direction with just one weekend remaining before the major conference tournaments begin. It’s certainly not all bad news on the bubble, though, as other teams like Butler, St. Bonaventure and Vanderbilt are playing like they actually want to dance.

After all, if one team falls out, another has to move in, right?

There are also quite a few bubble teams simply keeping the status quo, either by taking care of business against hapless opponents (see: Providence) or by juxtaposing quality wins with horrible losses to keep the scales in balance (see: Pittsburgh).

Welcome to your final bubble stock watch of the 2015-16 regular season.

There are no fewer than 35 teams still on the bubble—meaning they are either in the projected field and could conceivably play their way out of it, or vice versa—and we’ve highlighted 15 of those teams to note whether their stock is rising, falling or holding steady.

An awful lot is going to come down to which teams perform well in their respective conference tournaments, but here’s how they’re trending in advance of those gauntlets.

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