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    What am I evaluated on?
    Athletes are evaluated based upon their qualifications in the following categories: height and weight based on position, 40-yard dash time, GPA, ACT score/SAT score, athletic ability, dynamic plays, strength, technique, LCP, and film quality.

    How will my evaluation be computed?
    Grading will be based on a number point system (1-10). For example: a 4.40 and under 40 yd dash = 10 points, 4.41-4.49 = 9 points, 4.5-4.59 =8 points,  etc.

    How can I improve upon my evaluation?
    An increase in dynamic plays, grades, athletic ability, measurables, size, level of play, and other factors can affect an evaluation. If you wish to be re-evaluated after some of these factors have changed, please let us know.

    How do you ensure the evaluation is not biased? 
    As in all of college football, evaluations, no matter how scientific, are still opinions. We do our very best to ensure our rankings are as analytical as possible and with a formula to remove as much bias as possible

    Other questions? Send us a message on our contact form.

    Sample Evaluation

    (Athlete’s name has been redacted for privacy)

    ATHLETE NAME – OT (primary), Center (secondary) 

    Height – 7.0/10

    Weight – 7.0/10

    Speed – 5.0/10

    Athleticism – 4.0/10

    Dynamic Plays – 4.0/10

    Strength – 6.0/10

    Technique – 5.0/10

    Level of Competition/Potential – 5.0/10

    Film – 4.0/10

    Grades/Test Scores – 6.0/10

    Total: 53/100 

    Current Projection:  DIII/NAIA 


    Athletic Report: 

    ATHLETE NAME is a slightly undersized offensive tackle but he has decent size for an offensive center.

    Positives: He has a strong upper body and plays well with his hands. He finds opportunities to climb to the next level and block someone. ATHLETE NAME has good size and ability for his age and has time/room to improve. He has not reached his ceiling.

    Negatives: ATHLETE NAME does not engage well or run with his blocks. He lacks aggressive plays on film and needs work on his technique. ATHLETE NAME needs to play lower, engage and play through the hips (low man wins), and fire off of the ball. Needs more pass protection on film.

    Biggest factors for improvement: Grades and ACT/SAT scores, more dynamic blocks, technique on film.