Bubba, Arbie & Sherise Hickson Testimonial

Bubba, Arbie & Sherise Hickson Testimonial

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You guys have been instrumental in helping my family create a path towards my son’s goals of working to becoming a student-athlete at the collegiate level. When we first met Roy & Norman, my son Bubba Hickson was at a sensitive time of his school year and the varsity football season. My son, Bubba is a class of 2016 student athlete who plays Quarterback and has played the position since 8yrs old. In the past, Bubba had experienced success at different levels and at different schools, but this season would be quite different. For Bubba’s final year of high school we transferred to a different school with a different football program. This season came with high expectations, being on a team that was expected to compete for a Georgia 6A State Championship. As a competitor and a quarterback, for Bubba it was going to be an exciting thing to be a part of, and as parents we wanted our son to have an opportunity to compete at a high level. Unfortunately, because of circumstances out of his control, Bubba had limited opportunities to contribute to the team. He was faced with a lot of adversity, but never quit. When provided the opportunity he would shine. In one particular game, Bubba passed for over 190 yards, 14 completions and a touchdown, all in the 2nd quarter of the game. Moving forward, he led his team to the 2nd round of the 6A Georgia State Playoffs. That’s when we met the guys at AGR. They attended a game Bubba played in and watched his performance. After the game Roy & Norman introduced there selves to Bubba and my family and briefly explained how they felt they could help us to get Bubba a college scholarship based on his God given talent. As a supportive parent, I was initially concerned. Up to that point, I was doubtful because I had already spent a lot of money with organizations that made claims, promising to help my son obtain an athletic scholarship. For us, AGR set their selves apart from the other organizations by first establishing a genuine line of communication with us, setting realistic goals and providing us with useful information and resources such as the NCAA Eligibility Center, (Clearing House), academic awareness, Training Programs, Tutoring, etc. I have personally listened to them advocate for my son with college coaches. In a time when social media seems to be a dominate force, they prove that there is much more to helping a recruit realize his or her dream of becoming a student athlete in college. COMMUNICATION is KEY, sending a HUDL link to a coach or having a Twitter account is not enough. They have utilized their network to access resources to help us. Currently my son is in position to finalize a great opportunity at a well-known D2 football program. Thanks guys, I hope my family’s journey will help another’s in the future.

Bubba & Arbie Hickson

Date: March 04, 2016.

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