AGR Foundation

AGR Foundation

The Athletes Get Recruited Foundation, Inc is a 501(c)(3) charitable arm of Athletes Get Recruited Inc. Our foundation helps support athletes academically, with social engagement, improving and empowering our local communities, and holistically bettering each student-athlete to be the best version of themselves. The AGR Foundation helps to provide opportunities to athletes through several different programs.

Support of the foundation goes towards our programs and the betterment of all individuals who are a part of the Athletes Get Recruited family.

AGR Foundation Programs

AGR Student Enrichment Opportunity – This program offers high school students the opportunity to serve in internship roles within Athletes Get Recruited Inc and the AGR Foundation. These roles range from coaching, digital media, social media, operations, logistics, and multiple other opportunities to learn about potential college majors and career choices. This program also focuses on community engagement and community involvement by offering opportunities for students to work with other non-profits in the greater Atlanta area and conducting community service and betterment projects.

AGR Elite 7v7 Club Team Programs – The AGR Elite program is club-type, sports and academic focused group of teams, that focuses on development for the next level in athletics. Students are trained on and off the playing surface to be the best student-athletes possible. They are mentored about college searching, academic development, on the field training, networking with coaches and school administrators, nutrition, and self-betterment. This program has been successful in helping over 200 student-athletes reach the college level or higher.

AGR Student Success Initiative – AGR offers ACT, SAT, and testing prep classes that help our students achieve success in standardized testing. This testing helps our students improve their chances in qualifying for college admissions. We have tutors for students or help students find tutors for subjects that they may need enrichment within. This initiative also has grade and transcript monitoring to help make sure students are on the right path to be college eligible by clearing the NCAA Clearing House.

AGR Health & Wellness Program – This program is focused on the physical and mental health of all AGR members. We partner with local therapist to help provide mental health and sports behavioral psychology and counseling to all of our athletes. This program also enlists the services of nutrition and supplement experts to help make sure that all Athletes Get Recruited members are taking care of their health with proper nutrition and healthy eating habits. The Top Chef assists in this program by preparing healthy, gourmet meals for our members at a very reasonable price as a part of this program.

AGR Community Impact Program – The AGR Community Impact Program is a program designed to help empower our local communities with sustainability projects, health and wellness clinics for youth, after school programs, financial literacy courses, and many other community and social-based improvement projects.